Carley Jenson

Life Coach

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Have you ever asked yourself..

“How can I get more customers?”

“How can I stop trading time for money and work less?”

“How can I sell more without being pushy or ’salesy’ ?”

“How can I stand out in my market and rise above the noise?”

“How can I price my products profitably and entice people to buy them?”

“How do I translate my current business into this new online world?”

Well you’re in the right place. I have single goal: Make your business better than before you met me.

I have helped professionals, services businesses, media companies, NGO’s and startups build growth systems to grow sales and increase revenue in 7 countries over 11 years.

I’ve spent over $20 million on marketing and growing my own businesses and other peoples.

This experience has helped me build a few wildly popular products, two of which have grossed over a million dollars in sales.

After building several successful businesses in various niches I’ve refocused on what I love most:

Building high performing businesses Performance is achieved by a great customer experience and amplifying those messages to an audience across every relevant channel.

It’s also achieved by freeing up the key person in the business to be the entrepreneur they were born to be.

To get out of the grind and leverage your skills and talents to not only get better results for you and your clients, but work less while making more.

I do this by focusing on three key pillars of your business

How to position yourself as the default choice in your market so prospects automatically choose you

How to generate predictable inbound leads without cold calling, networking or ‘hope marketing’

How to avoid trading time for money so you can finally step away from the coal face.

In a fast moving, digital world I show businesses how to translate their impact and talents from the old model into the new model and become the default choice in their market


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